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Aims to strengthen the financial, social and environmental performance of small and medium businesses ( specially Aboriginal SMEs) so they are better able to attract and manage finance, including private equity financing, and scale up their companies on international arena. This will enable “Women” & “Aboriginal SMEs” to play a stronger role in poverty reduction through the creation of more and better jobs for Women. Project activities: (1) provide business incubator methods and development support & mentoring services to improve women and men-owned enterprises’ access to finance, including initial equity investments by Canadian and North American potential & angel investors; (2) build mini community oriented projects monitored by our dedicated technical staff to perform in best business practices to increase the capacity of trust of local institutions and financial professionals to assist growth-oriented Women & Aboriginal SMEs that are now trained for success, to access finance, and; (3) build international and domestic business incubator & investor awareness of Women investment opportunities through MAC’s Community Engagement & Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Multiculturalism programs available to All Nations Development Corporation Aboriginal communities in Canada & Australia and Multiculturalism by working with provinces of (BC & QLD) multicultural organizations to partner and participate in the activities of the British Columbia, Canada & Queensland , Australia governments. This project hopes to create better and more sustainable, gender natural, equal pay base employment for approximately 700 Women and support the growth of 50 economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Women & Aboriginal SMEs.( Approximate Escrow Budget/Funding Require “$700K” or $1,000 per participant).

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